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Composition and function of electrical control cabinet

What are the components of the electrical control cabinet

1: open: a general air switch, which is the power control of the whole cabinet. Believe that every electrical control cabinet must have one thing.

2: PLC: this should be chosen according to the engineering requirement. For example if small engineering can be directly but if the project is an integrated PLC is larger may need module, card type, also may be redundant (that is, two sets of used interchangeably).

Power supply of VDC: a switching power supply of 24VDC, most PLC is equipped with a power supply of 24VDC, according to whether it is really needed or not.

4: relay: generally, PLC can send instructions to the control loop directly, but it may also be transferred by relay first. For example, if you are charged PLC output is 24 VDC, but your figure painting in need of control circuit of PLC for node is 220 vac, so you must add a relay, PLC output when the instruction relay action, but the control circuit of nodes after received normally open or normally closed relay point. It is also a matter of choosing whether to use relays or not.

5: terminal: this must be essential for every cabinet. It can be configured according to the number of signals. If it's just a simple PLC control cabinet that basically needs these things, if you need something else in your control cabinet it depends. For example, you may need to power certain field instruments or small control boxes, and you may need to increase the number of open Spaces. Or if you want the PLC to connect to the upper computer, you may need to add a switch or something. It depends. PLC control cabinet can complete equipment automation and process automation control, realize perfect network function, stable performance, expandable, strong anti-interference and other characteristics, it is the core and soul of modern industry. PLC control cabinet and frequency conversion cabinet can be designed according to the user's demand to meet the user's requirements, and can be matched with man-machine interface touch screen to achieve the purpose of easy operation. The device can be more with the DCS bus upper computer modbus, profibus

Data transmission of communication protocols; Industrial control, Ethernet and other implementation of control and monitoring

What are the functions of the electrical control cabinet

(I) purpose

Electric control cabinet is mainly used for receiving level control instrument (that) the output of high and low water level control signal, control the automatic open and stop of pump motor, the control form has a total pressure starting, step-down soft start cabinet starting, soft start and frequency control, etc.

(2) debugging and using methods

This series control cabinet (box) in the control circuit, both also have a manual control, set up automatic control also has overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase lack protection and accidents shall be reported to the bitter function, this product before use, must according to the principle diagram of the electrical wiring after review, adjust the corresponding components according to the actual requirement set point, then start.

1, automatic operation: switch on the power, the power indicator, transfer switch to "automatic" position, check the control cabinet (box) whether the motor controlled by the instruction according to the liquid level control instrument. When the liquid level control level, corresponding liquid level indicator, the corresponding limit control relay normally open contacts closed automatically, the secondary control circuit automatically switched on, the motor starting, running at the same time indicator. When to stop water levels, the corresponding indicator, liquid level measurement instrument of the corresponding limit control relay normally closed contacts disconnect, secondary control circuit open circuit, the motor stop working, and running light is put out.

2, manual operation: switch on the power, the power indicator, transfer switch to "manual" position, press the start button, motor to run, run indicator, press the "stop" button, the motor stopped running, its operation light is put out.

3, no matter adopt what kind of control mode, when reached the limit water level, the transfinite contact through water level signal, the secondary control circuit loss of electricity, make the motor to stop operation, and signal sound and light to bitter. If there is an accident during the operation of the motor, the accident indicator light will be on, and the bell will automatically report suffering. At this time, press the stop button to force the motor to stop working.

Technical performance

1. Power voltage: AC380V, 50Hzo

2. Control object: three-phase asynchronous motor not exceeding 320 kw.

3. Can work reliably in the following situations:

Greater than 1000 meters above sea level.

(2) the ambient temperature is not more than 45 ℃, not less than 30 ℃. Air relative humidity is not more than 85% (20 ℃, 5 ℃)

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