Automotive man-machine engineering


In order to use the product safely and correctly, please read the operating instructions carefully. Failure to comply may result in equipment damage and injuries. Please keep this manual near the equipment for your convenience.

1. Non-electrical professionals shall not open the electric cabinet. Professional personnel must cut off the power supply and the main circuit breaker before operation, otherwise it may cause electric shock danger.

2. It is strictly prohibited to operate the touch screen and other electrical equipment with wet hands.

3. No objects shall be used to cover the emergency stop switch. Press the emergency stop switch nearby when the machine fails.

4. During the electric adjustment of the platform, please do not extend any part of the body into the equipment in operation, so as to prevent the mechanism from being sucked into rotation and extrusion injury.

5. When adjusting the electric module, the moving parts must be within visual range to prevent collision interference and damage to the equipment caused by surrounding parts.

6. If the power switch case and the insulation of the wire are incomplete or partially exposed, please contact the electrician to repair it immediately. Otherwise, it is not allowed to be used.

7. If a person is electrocuted, the power should be cut off immediately, so that the person who is electrocuted is out of power, and emergency treatment should be carried out. If working at high altitude, attention should be paid to prevent falling at high altitude.

8. In case of electric equipment fire, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off immediately, and then the fire fighting should be carried out. Dry fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide extinguishers should be used for electrical equipment and motors with possible points.

Download: commercial vehicle cab driver room man-machine subjective evaluation test bench

Download: commercial vehicle cab driver room human - machine subjective evaluation test bench operating instructions

Download: adjust functions and modes

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