Data acquisition system


I. system introduction

To test the high pressure cleaning machine in the process of ageing dynamic conservation and the parameters of simulation under different aging model movement requirements and special custom times the number of aging laboratory and function requirements, the simulation under the actual working condition of the output of various kinds of working parameters and safety control.

1.1 system overview

This system adopts data communication and storage technology in industrial control mode, which solves the difficulty of data storage and analysis of old equipment in the experimental process. Configure hardware reserves for scalable network control modes and build hardware reserves for network control and communication. For the future network data control, for the storage and transmission of good software development environment. At present, the system can test two modes of starting load aging cycle testing and load power aging under the condition of no undervoltage starting.

The system can store and flow the process test data in real time. Data display and data storage using central integrated control mode, the control core parts layout in the test of outdoor, can prevent with abnormal test unit or misoperation cause overall test project pause and loss of data. The control system satisfies the independent control mode setting of independent units and can realize the aging test function of different types of loads in different modes. Data storage adopts the memory card storage mode of the touch screen controller. Different memory CARDS can be selected according to the capacity of test data. Data expansion can be expanded and plotted in EXCLER file format. The expansion of system network, under the condition of perfect network, the control and data transmission of network software are developed through industrial PC editing according to the development environment of unit server.

This system adopts the upper configuration software design, the system has the ability to collect and sort out relevant data, and generate relevant forms according to the product batch, test items, test time and so on. Data is backed up or printed out. And by reserved network interface, relevant data can be Shared in different places. Relevant test data in the system are collected and uploaded automatically, and relevant dynamic curves are generated. Compare alarm output and generate log report. Relevant data is automatically saved for query purposes. The test results are judged by the system and human factors are excluded. Ensure the acceptance rate of test products. The field instrument adopts PID control method. The system adjusts itself.

1.2 system features


On the design fully embody the characteristics of distributed control, centralized management, ensure that each subsystem can control independently, at the same time in the central workstation can do centralized monitoring, makes the perfect structure, reliable performance of the whole system. System at all levels of the equipment can operate independently, namely, at the same time of different levels of distribution system (or different levels of the organization structure), using the interface is very friendly, the full set of automatic control products, unified management system to ensure the system's compatibility, and greatly increase the system reliability. System protection levels meet IEC529 IP20, electromagnetic compatibility in EN50082-2 or IEC801-2801-4, 801-5, radiated interference accord with EN50081-2, meet IEC68 mechanical strength, work environment temperature 0-70 ° C, 5-95% relative humidity not condensation. 1. High anti-interference performance, complete photoelectric isolation between external circuit and CPU, transient interference voltage suppression, electromagnetic coupling and other technologies, all circuits have experienced long-term tests in the industrial environment


Siemens PLC 200 series network extension provides a powerful function, which can be connected with other manufacturers' systems or products. The traditional manual has great instability and error, and the software makes up for all the disadvantages of the traditional! Front-end equipment and system must have the outstanding and reliable communication ability and the automatic fault detection and alarm function, the system of the goods and system, and also have to application of computer multimedia technology, has the outstanding humanized human-computer interface, use the HMI man-machine dialogue techniques, such as system management personnel can operate the system easily learning and completion of the task. In computer network technology development and the widely application of the information society, depicting the end products and adopted by the system, the system must be combined with computer network technology, realize the information sharing of each sub-system.


The system structure is modular, flat, flexible and easy to maintain and extend. The system can be expanded easily and save initial investment. Each part of the system can be put into use with debugging. The system can save energy effectively and create obvious economic benefits.

1. System software functions

The software runs on the basis of WINDOWS2003/XP and has the following features:

2.1 real-time expression and collection of information in various ways

There are many ways to express the switched and floating-point information collected. Current status information and floating-point values are represented in real-time in flow charts, data tables, and graphs.

2.2 remote control of field conditions and set target values

Able to turn on/off the remote device or modify the operating parameters of the remote device directly in the central control room according to observed field conditions or other requirements.

2.3 fault highlighting

For normal, fault, accident and other events of different nature, different colors shall be adopted to remind the operator, and corresponding prompts shall be given in the alarm area of the screen. In PC, can quickly check out the nature of the incident, status, and where to happen, this will help operators to take corresponding measures in time, will be to minimize losses. In addition to giving color prompts on the screen, operators can also be alerted by alarm signals of different sounds. According to user requirements, if a subsystem fails, the system software can be quickly transferred to the flow chart of the fault system.

2.4 data and graphic printing

The system software also provides the data of printing operation curve and history curve.

2.5 data management

This software carries on the strict management to the data. Considering the requirement of fast data access during the operation of the system, the system has developed a special data access mechanism according to its characteristics. The data stored by the data access mechanism is in a common database format, which is ready for the connection between the system and other systems and even the source data of a large data management system.

2.6 system management

"System help" in software can guide operators to run the system better.

Operator or system administrators can through to the system running status record "login view" understand the process of system operation, master the operation of the problems and corresponding processing methods. The software allows the operator to modify data such as system date time and password. Software also provides a check recently several operators use the login time and exit time of this system, can help managers understand the status of the operator in a certain period of time and its handling of the run.

2.7 full graphic interface

This system runs in the full graphics mode, the interface is beautiful and friendly, makes full use of the display resources, the expression information is rich, the color collocation effect is good. High - definition color graphics high - resolution graphics processing and display, so that the graphics more clear and beautiful. There is a real feeling of reproducing images on the screen.

2.8 display of all Chinese characters

All information is expressed in Chinese.

2.9 easy to learn

Fast switching between subsystems and subsystems, implementation of various inputs, and so on all take the shortcut key operation to complete, similar to the fool camera easy to learn.

2.10 data preservation

The historical data preservation path can be set in the data preservation page, which is related to the data selection directory in the historical data table and the historical data curve. You can set the time interval for storing historical data as required. Configure standby UPS power supply to ensure relevant data will not be lost.

2.11 controller function

The programmable controller can implement the following standards and complete control modes:

The two state control

Proportional control

Proportional plus integral control

Ratio plus calculus control

Automatic control of control loop

The control software provides a human - machine interface dialogue function to meet the variability of experimental parameters.

Design principles

All specifications, standards or material specifications (including all valid supplements or appendices) involved in this technical document shall be the latest version.

IEC439 low-voltage switchgear and control equipment

Iec73/227 control switch equipment

Gb7251-97 low-voltage switchgear set

Gb4720-84 low-voltage electrical control equipment

Programmable controller (GB/T15969)

Jb616-84 general technical conditions for power system secondary circuit screen (Taiwan)

IEC144 "low voltage switch and control equipment enclosure protection grade"

Nema-ics4 "terminals for industrial control equipment and systems"

Nema-ics6 "the case of industrial control devices and systems"

4. Device start control mode

According to the change of the requirements of client test voltage, current, automatic control voltage, current, to achieve accurate test voltage supply, at the same time all testing equipment in real time to store data and automatically generate reports.

V. main performance of the system

5.1 voltage output

A. Voltage output: AC 0~255V automatic adjustable output, power<5KW.

B. The test frequency is 50HZ/60HZ.

C. The starting pressure drop can be collected, and the normal work has the function of stabilizing pressure

D. The voltage setting is dynamically displayed and uploaded to the upper computer control system through man-machine interface input and relevant real-time data.

E. According to the owner's request, the corresponding data is compared to alarm or stop action instruction.

F. Output precision of stable pressure is + / - 3V, and the true value is no more than 3V from panel display.

5.2 current output

A. It can collect starting current, normal working current, plug and turn working current, etc. Flow down

Protection function.

B. The monitoring power can be selected to evaluate the work of the test equipment, and the relevant real-time data can be dynamically displayed and uploaded to the upper computer control system through human-machine interface input.

C. According to the owner's request, the corresponding data is compared to alarm or stop action instruction.

D. Accuracy required for current sensor sampling: + 0.2a. Panel display accuracy: + 0.1a

5.3 flow display

A. The flow sensor 0-15l /MIN collects the input flow. When the flow sensor detects the abnormal flow, the device stops the test and relevant real-time data is uploaded to the upper computer control system.

B. According to the owner's request, the corresponding data is compared to alarm or stop action instruction.

C. The numerical accuracy of flow sensor sampling is + 0.2l /MIN, and that of panel display is + 0.1l /MIN.

5.4 pressure display

A. Real-time data related to inlet pressure (0-16bar) and outlet water pressure (0-250bar) of the experimental equipment can be displayed and uploaded to the upper computer control system.

B. The device stops testing when the pressure sensor detects abnormal water pressure.

C. The sampling accuracy of pressure sensor is + / - 1bar, and the panel shows the accuracy of pressure sensor is + / - 1bar

D. According to the owner's request, the corresponding data is compared to alarm or stop action instruction.

5.5 temperature display

A. The inlet temperature can be displayed, and the control system of the upper computer can be displayed on the panel and uploaded as a test environment parameter.

B. the temperature test range 0-100 ℃ + 2 ℃

5.6 system aging time and frequency Settings

The panel displays the running time of the system. Input the test time and times through the man-machine interface, and upload relevant real-time data to the upper computer control system.

5.7 simulated start and stop function

Control solenoid valve is used to simulate manual control of starting and stopping of high pressure nozzle. The starting and stopping time setting is input through the man-machine interface, and relevant real-time data are dynamically displayed and uploaded to the upper computer control system.

5.8 system permission login and setting

System reset requires manual confirmation to start;

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