Urban sewage centralized control system


1 the general

This agreement is applicable to Shanghai with the minister of environmental protection co., LTD. (the buyer) and suzhou hao electrical automation co., LTD. (the supplier) XunYang sewage treatment plants, sludge dewatering machine room automatic control system design and procurement project, puts forward the design, manufacture, programming, debugging equipment, such as special technical requirements.

This technical agreement proposed is the minimum technical requirements, did not make provisions on all technical details, nor referring to provisions of the relevant standards and specifications, the buyer shall be provided in accordance with this agreement and the industrial standard quality products.

In case of any discrepancy between the standards used in this technical agreement and those implemented by the demander, the higher standards shall be followed.

This technical agreement shall be confirmed by both parties and shall be regarded as the technical appendix of the order contract and shall have the same legal effect as the text of the contract.

Matters not mentioned in this technical agreement shall be decided by both parties through negotiation.

2. Equipment supply scope and performance requirements

2.1 main components of equipment and scope of supply

The supplier in the equipment list in this project, communication protocol, and have good old equipment gives the premise of fully considering provide matching control cabinet for the sludge dewatering system equipment, and automatic operation of sludge dewatering system program design, programming and debugging. The automatic control equipment of sludge dewatering system shall be debugged before it leaves the factory, and according to the requirements of the demander, personnel shall be arranged to go to the site to conduct the system automatic operation and debugging.

The control cabinet and components in the cabinet provided by the supplier are new and unused equipment. The brand of components is purchased according to the list provided by the buyer.

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